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Published November 13, 2011 by Shearaha

Been a couple of days since I updated.

Friday was great, one of the best days Wilfred’s had since moving in. No cat chasing, no going after Peaches, and only grabbed my arm once!

I think he’s finally getting the idea that sitting or laying down quietly and messing with his bone gets him more attention then everything in the above paragraph.

Will did great with his muzzle training, went through the loop 4 times on Saturday. And even brought the muzzle to me before we started. I didn’t ask for it, he just went and got it, so we worked on that a little bit.

He’s going into his crate much easier now that we’ve figured out that he prefers smaller Kongs that he can almost fit the whole thing in his mouth. I fill the Kong toss it an and Wilfred follows. I can leave without him even acknowledging it because he loves that little cheese filled Kong so much.

Relaxed on using all his food for training treats, time to get him started on a feeding schedule. He’ll eat about 1.5cups in a sitting before he looses interest and wanders off. So since he needs 3.5 cups of food a day he’s going to get 1 cup in the morning before work, 1 at lunch, 1 about 4:30/5:00pm when I get home and the last 0.5 used for training. Once he’s on a schedule I’m going to be incorporating puzzle toys for him to eat out of and get rid of the food bowl all together. “A mentally stimulated dog is a happy dog”

Saturday morning I picked up a 33″ tall crate for him purchased off of Craigslist for $35. They only used it for a couple of weeks as then put it back in the box. Talk about a steal, crates that size are at least twice that straight from the manufactures. Now I just need one more baby gate and I should have all my house hold supplies for him.

Saturday afternoon we also had another play session with Jack. This time Hubby helped as MIL wasn’t feeling good. Wilfred played so well, I’m going to have to get a video of it and put it up. Leashes were left on, though Jacks was dropped. Jack has a good recall and we’re still working on Wilfreds, so Jack could be reliably called out of play. Wilfred gave me a few good head turns when I tried to call him out, but immediately went back to playing. We did 3 calls out of play and once Jack was out of reach Will came back to me and sat each time, then we released them to play again.

Stopped after the 3rd session since Jack was starting to look tiered, play was still very nice and friendly, Will hadn’t gone over threshold yet and the both of them managed to throw themselves into a very sturdy young tree and hurt themselves.

After the play session Will came back inside and promptly took a 2 hour nap on 3/4 of the couch. Which was nice because it gave me some time to play my new game. We didn’t make it to the park for a walk because I also had to get the last of our boxes out of storage so we didn’t have to pay for another month of rent there. And to make enough room for the boxes I had to take out Will’s transport crate. Not going to be able to unload the boxes until at least Monday afternoon either, so no car rides for a couple of days.

Today Wilfred and the Hubby are alone all day. I’m going for my normal Sunday with L’Chaim Canine and as I have to work my regular job, I have to leave straight from work to go to training. Coffee will be my friend today.